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Call 0903 668 2900

(Calls are charged at £1.50 per minute)

Call 0203 472 1230

(10mins = £14.99)

Pay By Phone
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Call 0903 668 2900

(Calls are charged at £1.50 per minute)

Call 0203 472 1230

(20mins = £29.99)

Pay By Phone

Phone Psychic Readings UK

Our telephone psychic sessions generally go for about 20 minutes. These readings come with a guarantee that all our readers will give a professional and high-quality service. Calling StarPsychics you are guaranteed our trusted staff will cater to all types of psychic readings, give each caller a fantastic experience. No matter what spiritual healing service you prefer StarPsychics will have you covered. Tarot cards, Angel cards, crystal ball or the reader’s spiritual intuition (or gift) our team of trusted readers have been heavily reviewed and have earned respect and trust within the UK psychic community.

Star Phone Psychic Readers use their gift or spiritual intuition to develop a connection with the telephone caller to give them guidance on such matters as Love, relationships, family, work, career, Astrology, Mediumship or any other specific pressing matters at hand.

 Psych-Hub UK phone psychic readings are our a highly considered sister company within the UK.  With such problems, consulting a psychic reader will be really greater to get the best advice and solution for all your requirements. Physical As Anything Psychics


Melina Pin: 2807

Melina, Pin: 2807


Call 0903 668 2900

£1.50/min plus your telephone companies access charge

Credit/Debit Cards
Call 0203 472 1230

10mins = £14.99, Calls are charged at a normal rates

3 options 

Option 1 – Premium Billing Call Connect

This is where the cost of the call is billed directly to your monthly phone bill. Calls are charged at £1.50 per minute. Billing commences once you press “0” on your handset or keypad. To reserve a booking;

  • Call 0903 668 2900

  • Listen to Preamble Welcome message and Press ”0” to proceed.

  • Follow the voice prompts to see which StarPsychic readers are available or Enter the Pin of your preferred available Telephone Psychic Reader.

  • Get connected with the live Reader of your choice.

Option 2 – Credit Card Billing

Book and call now to pre-purchase a value bundle Minutes package using a valid credit card (all major credit cards accepted). Reserve your booking with a Pre-paid package;

  • 10mins = £14.99

  • 20mins = £29.99

  • 30mins = £39.99

  • 45mins = £59.99

  • 60mins = £79.99

Simply dial the number and follow the prompts.

Option 3 – SMS Text Psychic Reading

Where you can chat live with our Star Psychic’s via SMS text and all charges will be billed tour monthly phone bill. To get started

  • Text “STAR” “Your name”, “Date of Birth” and “Your Question” to 85358 (Text costs £1 per msg received Max 3 replies (£3). Helpline 03308801023)

  • You will receive a welcome message.

  • Our Star Readers will respond with answers to your Question.

For a full list of active StarPsychic Readers “Click Here” to get a detailed description of what each of our gifted readers specializes in. Our Star Phone Psychic team are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and can be accessed throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. You always be able to access and speak with any of our truly gifted Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants or Tarot Readers.

Phone Readings

Calls are charged at £1.50 per minute. Billing commences once you press “0” on your handset or keypad.

Our Weekly Specials 10mins = £14.99 – 20mins = £29.99 – 30mins = £39.99 – 45mins = £59.99 – 60mins = £79.99

SMS Text Reading

Text “STAR


Your Question” 



Texts cost £1 per msg, most 3 replies (£3)


Excellent Psychic service. Psychic reader Jenny had great empathy, patience and compassion. Will certainly be using them again. 5 Stars Jason Stanley

I travelled to the UK for a holiday, whilst i was there i had a reading from Psych-Hub. The readings just came true and i made a lot of money!! 5 Stars supratim chakraborty

Amazing Reading Changed my life. 5 Stars copiersrus